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Tribute to our beloved Masters

Dernière mise à jour : 16 nov. 2020

They left us on the same lunar date,

Master Ha Chau in 2011, Master Ha Cuong in 2017. We will never forget them.


Si Mao - be Quyen - Anh Em - Vs NGUYEN Thanh Sang - Vs PHAM - huu Thong - Vs PHAM Thanh Binh - Vs TRINH Hong Khanh - Vs Ly - Vs Phạm Văn XÊ - Vs HA Kiet - anh HA Minh Chi Em - LUC Dac Long - NGO Thanh Van - Phi Nhung - Ngoc Son - Nhu Quyen - Vs Hoai Anh - anh Jacques C. - anh Gilles - David - anh Nam (Bv Long Hai) ... Respectful greetings and thanks to: Lam Family Hung Kuen - M. Chiu Chi Ling - M. Pun Leung Cheung - M. WONG Pui Tong - Ariel Jade - Man Fai Cheng - M. Alphonse Ho Bao - Hung Gar Lyon Family - M. Ngoc Ha and M. Tuan - Family Hungga Chow Wing Tak Martial Arts Association - Familly Houghton and Charlene Houghton - 何慈茵 - HOANG Nam Family and M. HOANG Nghi - PHAM Xuan Tong

And finally, SHG and more particularly me, wish to thank all those who help me, advise me and assist me discreetly but with a lot of Fraternity; my Brother Arnaud and his company "Comm unit" without whom this video clip could not have been possible. It has been built professionally, with very few images at his disposal, and fraternally because after viewing it, the emotion is there, and I strongly think with wet eyes, my sad heart, to our Masters and all those who have chosen to transmit and teach.

Thank you,

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