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Hong Gia Ha Chau Family

I want to thank all the Hong Gia Ha Chau Family from the North. Su Phu, Vo su (3 dai) PHAM Huu Thong, the Disciples, the Hoc tro, and their families. What good memories, all these days with family, in Hai Phong, and Dao Bai Cat.

I saw these last days, Students and Disciples who are future great masters of Thieu Lam Hong Gia, and ambassadors of the Hong Gia Family, in Viet Nam, but also in Europe and in all Asia.

My brothers and sisters, when I left you, my heart was heavy and sad, I, in the boat that brought me back to Hai Phong, when I saw you on the pontoon of the small port, all united, I thought of Dai Vo su HA Chau, our Su Phu. But, all together, the good memories and the joy in our hearts gave me back my morale. I think of you all.

Congratulations to all of you, for the practice, and the development of the Hong Gia Ha Chau Family in Tph ai Phong, Mong Cai, and Td Ha Noi. Congratulations to the students, teachers, and families who support all these efforts.

Thanks to the organization for Bai Cat Island, especially to our little Brother Thanh and our little Sister Thao. If you need a nice trip, only good memories, you can contact on behalf of the Hong Gia Ha Chau Family - my Brother and Sister: Mr. Thanh +84904468246 - Ms. Thao +84906179246 from Tuan Chau Pearl Isle tourist co., ltd (Website:


Vs. Philippe.

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