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Take care of a variety of projects that are built around the idea of helping disadvantaged people.

Some of these projects are developed by the Thiếu Lâm Hồng Gia company in which young men and women work on projects, such as collecting alcohol bottles which are then broken so that they cannot be reused, this within anti-counterfeiting programs.

This allows them to take a rhythm of work, to take responsibility and to finance possible studies for those who do not have diplomas.

One of the projects that raises funds for the Foundation is the sale of Martial Arts equipment.

The company also offers stress control, conflict handling and legal advice programs.

In 2020 and 2021, Hung Gar -  Ha Chau school sets up several assistance actions in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

We have named Chau Anh Juliette, project leader and she must identify the real needs of the needy populations, hospitals, especially due to the health crisis of the COVID 19.

She also has a mission to organize purchasing and logistics to deliver what is needed to identify individuals.

Finally, she has the responsibility to report on its activities.  SHG does not appeal for donations, use personal data, or activate these relationships and partnerships for direct funding.


The SHG foundation organized during the Covid crisis the collection of medical equipment (masks, etc.), oxygenation materials for hospitals, and the purchase and distribution of food baskets for delivery in the poor and totally confined area. The fight against the Covid 19 crisis is everyone's business and responsibility. The SHG Foundation and the Ha Chau - Hung Gar School as well as the entire Hung Gar family are doing everything they can to fight the Covid-19 health crisis and help the most disadvantaged. Just as the lotus is born in the stinking mud, each of us will grow stronger and we will be a more beautiful person after this health and economic crisis.  

Chau Anh Juliette- HCM.V, 08/21/2021

MMA Vietnam - Congratulations for the organization which was perfect, to the Fighters who participated and to their Teachers and Masters. Thanks to Quynh, for this event and the very professional organization.

Chau Anh Juliette-HCM.V, 06/12/2021.

On Saturday, September 10, 2021, at 10:30 am, we handed over to the People's Committee of An Phu and Binh Trung Đong:

Four O2 Oxygenator machines as part of the fight against the Covid, which were financed by the OPENASIA Group, in particular by Mr. Doan Viet Dai Tu and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhung.

Chau Anh Juliette- HCM, 09/11/2021

Today, delivery of six machines financed for five machines by the OPENASIA Group, its president by Đoan Viet Dai Tu and one machine by the company ERAI and its manage by Aymeric Pons.

Chau Anh Juliette- HCM.V, 08/20/2021