We practice a style that belongs to traditional martial arts schools and try to spread a certain spirit of solidarity.

Our style is effective in all aspects of life, physical training, mental exercises and internal energy work allow you to learn to take control of the potential of the human body.

Self Defense course, free combat, Bai Quyen, Bai Bhin Khi, Khi Cong, Ngoai Cong and Noi Cong.

We would also like to specify that the physical performances that you see were originally intended to check our progress in our learning and training. These performances are extremely dangerous in some cases and require YEARS of training, experience and mastering of techniques.

Our history pages bring a more accurate version of the story of Hong Gia than what we can find on the internet ...

Our traditional bases make it a necessity.

Master Phi Liet



The cold is my mind

The Shadow is my mind

 The stars are my eyes

The Night is my costume

The wind is my ear

My honesty towards my master is my only warmth

My determination is my force

My personality is my power

My personal protection is my law

The Stoicism is my body

My Mind is my only friend

The carelessness is my enemy

Seizing the opportunity by the hair is my only project

The freedom to "take" or "return" the life is my strategy

The law of the universe is my only treasure

The emptiness of the wind is my tactic

Readiness of mind is my talent

Human sensitivity and the sense of duty are my armor

the unruffled spirit is my fortress

Knowledge of the mind without thought is my sword.

Adaptability in all circumstances is my principle.